Thursday, May 20, 2010

Intense Pictures for Intense Frenchies-Meet the Bloggers

Alice, nicknamed la fille qui a beaucoup des petits amis, is an 8th grade blonde known famously for her British accent,amazing French test results, and most important, acting extremely ghetto in the suburbs (but still pulling off that North-Shore look). As one can imagine, this is extremely difficult and takes years to master.

Yvette, also referred as 5o euros, is a 14 year old female who enjoys rapping to french music by:Yelle,Pzk, and Sexion d'aussaut. She also takes pleasure in writing to her french pen pal, Vishwa. One of her many talents includes baking beautiful cup de cakes(cup cakes).

m * Both these girls are WELL fit and WELL Frenchy